Umbreon is the Dark-type Eevee evolution. You can obtain this Eeveelution by leveling up your Eevee during the night with over 225 happiness. This can be achieved by gaining XP from a battle or using a Rare Candy. This will only work during the night, not in dark areas. So don't try evolving your shiny Eevee into an Umbreon in a dark cave in the daytime. You'll get an Espeon.


To make an Eevee happy you have different options:

  • Leveling up = +2
  • Walking 256 steps = +1
  • Catching it with a Luxury ball = Additional +1 to above methods
  • Catching it with a Friend Ball = +200
To check your Eevee's happiness, right-click it in your inventory and select Stats. At the bottom there will be a box labeled "happiness" which will show a number.

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