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Ultra Ball Glamour

An Ultra Ball is used to capture higher level Pokémon; usually Levels 30-50. It is more effective than a Great Ball. It is on the second place after Master Ball. The Ultra Ball has a capture rate of x2.


To craft an Ultra Ball, you must have an Ultra Ball Lid, a Button and an Iron Base.

To craft an Ultra Ball Lid, you'll need 2 Cooked Black Apricorns and 1 Cooked Yellow Apricorn. Place the 3 cooked Apricorns in a row horizontally in a crafting bench, with the yellow one in the middle, to make an Ultra Ball Disc, and then use the anvil to make the Ultra Ball lid. Place the lid, iron base, and a button in the crafting interface to make an ultra ball. 


Ultra Balls used to be crafted differently. This recipe no longer works.

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