Turtwig is a grass type Pokemon found in forest biomes. Due to its status as a starter Pokémon, a wild Turtwig is hard to come by and it is generally found under the ownership of Trainers. Trainers can spend hours searching for a Turtwig. It Evolves into Grotle at level 18, which evolves into Torterra at level 32.


Turtwig is a small, light green, quadruped Pokémon resembling a turtle or tortoise. Its eyes, feet, and lower jaw are yellow. Its body is covered by a brown shell that is composed of earth. The shell has a thick black stripe and a black rim. On a very healthy Turtwig, the shell should feel moist. A small seedling grows on a brown patch on its head. This seedling will wilt if the Pokémon becomes thirsty. As a plant-based Pokémon, Turtwig usually nourishes itself through photosynthesis. It also drinks water, which hardens its soil-based shell. 

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A shiny Turtwig, characterized the blue tinted skin, and lighter colored shell


Move Type Category Power Accuracy PP Affect
Start Tackle Normal Physical 50 100% 35 Damages opponent
5 Withdraw Water Status --% --% 40 Raises own Defence
9 Absorb Grass Special 20 100% 25 Drains opponent's HP and heals own
13 Razor Leaf Grass Special 55 95% 25 Damages opponent
13 Curse Ghost Status --% --% 10 ??
22 Bite Dark Physical 60 100% 25 Damages opponent
27 Mega Drain Grass Special 40 100% 15 Drains opponent's HP and heals own. More powerful than Absorb
32 Earthquake Ground ?? 100 100% 10 Damages opponent greatly
33 Leech Seed Grass ?? --% 90% 10 Heals user every turn after used on an opponent
33 Synthesis Grass Status --% --% ?? Greatly heals user
41 Crunch Dark Physical 80 100% ?? Damages
45 Giga-Drain Grass Special 75 100% 10 Drains opponent's HP and adds to own
51 Leaf Storm Grass Special 140 90% 5 Deals damage, but lowers user's Special Attack

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