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Tentacruel is a Water/Poison-type Pokémon who spawns uncommonly in the ocean. It has 1 pre-evolution, Tentacool, and no evolution. Tentacruel is a large, primarily blue jellyfish-like Pokémon. It has two large, red crystal spheres encrusted in its upper body that can refract sunlight and store energy. The round lower body, from which Tentacruel’s eyes are visible, appears black. It can extend up to 80 tentacles out of its body. Most of these tentacles are hidden, leaving up to 14 exposed. It has two blue beak-like appendages. Tentacruel’s tentacles can be freely elongated and shortened, and can absorb water to stretch to some length. The tentacles are normally kept short, but on hunts, they are extended to ensnare and immobilize prey. It weaks the prey by dosing it with a harsh toxin. Its red orbs glow when it grows excited or agitated, and it may alert others to danger by stridently flashing them.

Tentacruel's Learnset 

Level Move Type Category Power Accuracy PP
1 Reflect Type Normal Status _____ ___% 15
1 and 61 Wring Out Normal Special _____ 100% 5
1 Posion Sting Posion Physical 15 100% 35
1 and 5 Supersonic Normal Status _____ 55% 20
1 and 8 Constrict Normal Physical 10 100% 35
12 Acid Posion Special 40 100% 30
15 Toxic Spikes Posion Status _____ ___% 20
22 Wrap Normal Physical 15 90% 20
19 Bubble Beam Water Special 65 100% 20
26 Acid Spray Poison Special 40 100% 20
29 Barrier Psychic Status _____ ___% 20
34 Water Pulse Water Special 60 100% 20
38 Posion Jab Posion Physical 80 100% 20
47 Hex Ghost Special 50 100% 10
52 Hydro Pump Water  Special 120 80% 5
56 Sludge Wave Poison Special 95 100% 10

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