TMs are items that teach certain moves to Pokémon. They can be obtained from shopkeepers or as special drops. To have a Pokémon learn a move through the TM, the TM must be right-clicked on the desired Pokémon. If the TM is compatible with the Pokémon, the Pokémon will attempt to learn the move. By default, the TM will disappear when the move is successfully taught.

Bug Dark Dragon Electric Fighting Fire Flying Ghost Grass
Bag TM Bug Sprite
Bag TM Dark Sprite
Bag TM Dragon Sprite
Bag TM Electric Sprite
Bag TM Fighting Sprite
Bag TM Fire Sprite
Bag TM Flying Sprite
Bag TM Ghost Sprite
Bag TM Grass Sprite
Ground Ice Normal Poison Psychic Rock Steel Water
Bag TM Ground Sprite
Bag TM Ice Sprite
Bag TM Normal Sprite
Bag TM Poison Sprite
Bag TM Psychic Sprite
Bag TM Rock Sprite
Bag TM Steel Sprite
Bag TM Water Sprite
2013-09-23 19.17.59

All TM types.

List of TMs

2014-02-16 00.45.08

All the HMs from HM01-HM10


HMs are similar to TMs, teaching certain moves to Pokémon, except that they can be used infinitely without disappearing. Unlike in the Pokémon games, these moves can be deleted or overwritten by other moves normally.

HMs are obtained as special drops.

Config settings

  • "allowTMReuse": If enabled, TMs can be used an infinite number of times without breaking. If disabled, TMs break after one use.
  • "needHMToRide": If set to true, Pokémon that can be normally mounted must know either Fly or Surf to be mountable.

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