Sunny Day causes bright sunlight that lasts for 5 turns, and induces these additional effects:

  • The power of Fire-type moves increases by 50%.
  • The power of Water-type moves decreases by 50%.
  • The accuracy of Thunder and Hurricane lowers to 50%.
  • SolarBeam does not require the charging turn, thus attacks straight away.
  • Pokemon with the ability Dry Skin lose 1⁄8 of their max HP each turn.
  • Pokemon with the ability Chlorophyll double their speed.
  • The move Weather Ball changes to Fire type and doubles in power.
  • The moves Synthesis, Morning Sun and Moonlight recover 2⁄3 of the user's max HP (instead of the usual 1⁄2 HP).
  • Castform changes to it's Sun Form

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