121 Starmie

#120 Staryu

Much like Staryu, Starmie are nocturnal creatures and become active at nighttime. Despite this, captured Starmie have been known for surprising tenacity and enthusiasm during the daytime. It is unknown exactly why wild Starmie are mainly night dwellers, however, there has always been the conclusion that Starmie and Staryu are from an alien planet, implying that perhaps the night sky brings the species some sort of comfort in familiarity. This Pokémon has also been noted to “send electric waves into outer space”. These transmissions have also been referred to as “radio signals”. This is very possibly some type of communication between terrestrial Starmie and their alien relatives. The multi-color glowing of Starmie’s core is also believed to be a method of communication inside the species. Starmie’s core is most commonly seen as red in color, which may be a relaxed or dormant signal as according to the Starmie communication system. The core will go dark if Starmie is knocked unconscious, and will sometimes flicker, similarly to a light bulb.

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