Shiny Pokémon have an unnatural coloration. They are random and rare in the wild (1/8192 chance of spawning), and much sought after for their unique look. The coloration can be mild - only a few shades darker or lighter than the original - or drastic. Being shiny does not have an effect on a Pokémon's stats.

As of the 3.2.2 version of Pixelmon, you can tell if your pokemon is a shiny simply by sending it out (use the R key).  If your pokemon "sparkles" then it's a shiny.


Normal Typhlosion and Drowzee on the left: shiny counterparts on the right.

To spawn a shiny Pokémon, simply type /pokespawn <name of Pokémon> s. Example: /pokespawn mareep s

  • Some times, shiny pokemon are confused with boss pokemon due to the boss pokemon's unatural coloration (an example is a blue boss ponyta, which is blue when shiny.) A good way to tell the difference without having to fight the boss is to throw a regular pokeball a it. if it is a boss, then you should get a message saying "You can not catch boss pokemon."
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    A shiny ponyta, which has a resemblance with a blue boss ponyta.

Examples of Shiny Pokemon [Some are not shinys from games Zubat Zapdos should be diffrent textures but for now]

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