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It may be strictly related to me, but for a long time I searched for a way to set a home spawn point you can teleport to. The only mod I have is Pixelmon, and for some reason I could not use the /tp (username) <home, spawn, x, y, z> command. I read many, *many* Wikis and forums trying to find a way but to no avail.

Fortunately I found my own way to teleport. I use the term "teleport" loosely. It may just also be the Pixelmon mod. Like I said, I couldn't find anything on singleplayer teleporting. All normal Minecraft chat commands work except for teleporting. Whenever I tried it said "That player could not be found". But giving items works, time set and fly enable works, etc.

This means of moving is surprisingly simple. All that needs to be done is 3 quick steps.

  1. Place a bed where you want your new /home to be. Sleep in the bed and wake up.
  2. Activate the command: "/gamerule keepInventory true." The 'I' in Inventory is capitalized. This will allow you to keep all of your items after death. If you did not get a chat message confirming the change of rules, you did not do it right. Look up the /keepInventory command if you need to. Since you've set your new /home spawn point by sleeping in bed, all that needs to be done is:
  3. Activate the command /kill. This instantly kills the player by "falling out of the world". You will respawn within 3 blocks of your bed with all of your items. Before using this in the field I highly suggest testing it by completeing step 2 then completing step 3 WITHIN TEN BLOCKS OF YOUR BED. That way if something went wrong, all of your items will be next to you when you respawn.

I hope this helps anyone with my former problem!

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