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Creating a server This guide is meant to be a step-by-step tutorial on creating a Minecraft Forge server with the mod Pixelmon installed; if you want a more in-depth guide on what does what in the Minecraft server, and/or want a guide where you just make a vanilla server to start easy with Minecraft servers, please visit this.

  1. Download the server software for Minecraft: You can download the server software here under the Multiplayer Server section. The pictures in this tutorial will be using 1.6.2.
  2. Move the server: In this step we want to isolate the server.exe (In this case it is minecraft_server.1.6.2.exe; let's just call it server.exe from now on).
  3. First time boot! Now, open the server.exe and you'll see it pop up with a console stating what it is doing!
  4. Installing Forge: Installing Forge using the Forge installer with the server makes it as simple as pressing a few buttons!  You can download the latest RECOMMENDED (for best results) installer here. After downloading, open the installer (With JAVA), go to the server directory and make sure you chose install server, then it's clear to press okay!
  5. Installing Pixelmon: So far, so good!  Now, here comes an easier step: installing Pixelmon. If you don't have the universal zip already download it here. Assuming (like I have this whole time) you have WinRAR, 7Zip or similar programs, just drag and drop the mods and database folder into the server folder.
  6. Running the server properly: Now running the server my way!  There are other boring ways but I like mine the best (If you want to use another way, look another way up! Or else you're now in my lair! MWHAHAHA!)! Make a new text document, name it somthing like run.txt or relevant to starting the server. In this text document put in the following: java -Xms512M -Xmx1024M -jar mcforge.jar. This server will be using one gigabyte of ram, if you want two gigabytes it would be java -Xms512M -Xmx2048M -jar mcforge.jar and so on and so forth; in order for this to work you would have to rename the minecraftforge-universal-(version)(revision)blah.jar with mcforge.jar. See how more simple that name is, wow! Now save as and put run.bat or start.bat (whatever you called the (namehere).txt)  The difference now is that were making it a bat or batch file for cmd, ya know that really old thing made in the 80's as its own OS and then was made as a side program in Windows. My, my, how operating systems have evolved.  Anyways, off topic.  So if the (name here).bat opens as a txt you did it wrong and it's most likely really called (name here).bat.txt. You have to remove the txt; look up "Show file extentions on (Operating system here)" and remove the .txt part you see at the end after that! Or you just flat out dun goofed.
  7. Testing and opping! Okay, now you finally got that pesky server for the most part done; now, time to test it,  Since you're hosting it, all you have to do is add the server with the ip "localhost" or do direct connect "localhost". If you see that choose your starter screen you see when making a new world, you installed it correctly! Now, to op yourself you have to go into that console thingy I told ya about at the start and type, without the quotes, "op (your name)" and you're good!
  8. Port forwarding and IP stufferoo: I'm sorry to say that this is the hardest step for many first timers; I can't state something for all routers and modems but I can redirect you to a place where you can: There you can look up your router and find out what to do to port forward, or you can always have some fun with Indian tech support lines for your internet provider and ask them. The default Minecraft port is 25565 but if you want to have +10 to your coolness you do 25575 like a boss. Now the main chunk of the IP itself is simple; you can go to or to see your external IP.  Assuming you port forwarded and are using the default port which is easiest it would be like (external IP): 25565 or 38.219.555.55:25565 for example.


Hey, now that you have a brand spanking new server why dont you get players by advertising it here or on server lists like MinePick PixelmonPixelmon Server List , Planet Minecraft or Minecraft Server List and never forget MC Server List. It's just a part of being a good server (may not be needed for a good server, just recommended).

Pixelrealm Banner
Pixel Realms

Pixel realms is the ideal server for players looking for a busy but not over crowded server. Short reboots every 3 hours keep the server running optimally, and the gym system is unique and dynamic. A healthy spawn rate of legendary Pokémon keeps things interesting for players. Wan't to start a faction? Feel free to do so. If you are looking to grief or start trouble, though, you should probably look elsewhere, because this server has a 0 tolerance policy for trolls and problematic players. Good news for everyone else, though, because that means you don't have to worry about griefers. There alway seems to be a moderator online, so things run smoothly here at Pixel Realms! Let us be a part of your Pokémon adventure!

Team XEO

TeamXEO is a a awesome minecraft pixelmon server with a great community on this server. This server even lets you build your own house! The server has good staff and great owners. I'm sorry but the server has a small issue, when you first join you crash but other then that the server is great.The server now as an in game shop at spawn. This awesome server also allows riding pokemon. Now here are some comments from staff and a few players:

FlameFame (Mod): The thing I love about TeamXEO is the fact you can build and the great community on the server almost everyone gets along except a few people and it just has active staff and helpful people.

VampireEyess (NewMod): The server has active staff and a great atposphere.

MrMikeMan (Owner): Green Tea :) and how strong the community is.

Mr_Brix (NewMod): Love the server, it has an amazing community and I have met extrodianary people playing!

The servers website is

And this awesome server's IP address:

2014-03-11 08.55.11

Some TeamXEO staff including me, FlameFame

I swear youll have a great time on TeamXEO the best server I know of 

Rc-Gamers Pixelmon

Come Join Rc-Gamers Pixelmon server. We hit 100 people and had an awesome boss party. When we hit 150 200 250 and 300 players respectively then we will do something special. Gym leaders are going to be npc controlled with a plugin. We Just had an awesome fireworks display for New Years and a Massive Drop party for Christmas. We have friendly staff who try to help you with your problems. We Always are up unless we are under maintenance (not very often) or when we do a restart to reduce lag. We are currently setting up a parkour event and are hoping that it will be up soon.

2014-01-01 02.21.45

RC Pixelmon

If u go to the forum page and say that tyler489 refered you u will get a discount in our shop.

Ip is

Forum is 

2014-01-01 02.22.13

Rc-Pixelmon 2

Pixel Forum is

HylianCraft Pixelmon

Welcome to HCPixelmon! This server tries to be a lot like Pokémon! I promise you will make good memories on this server! It's really amazing!

Recently, there have been some problems with people joining, but if you follow this, everything will work:

  • Re-download Pixelmon.
  • Replace your database with the downloaded one.
  • Go into your config folder.
  • Open your pixelmon.cfg file with a Text Editor.
  • Press ctrl+f and search for "database".
  • You should now see this line: B:"Check for database updates"=true.
  • Change the true to false.
  • Save.
  • Load Minecraft.




2013-09-16 16.07.53

server's spawn

Hey people, if you want a Pixelmon server then join MIB.

The server has gyms and nice people and is always up.


And we also have a site:


KarpKraft❅    Pixelmon 3.0!

KarpKraft is an amazing pixelmon server with great plugins. The most notable plugin we have is Towny; this plugin allows players to create and manage their own towns however they choose. We have a great team of staff who are experienced and fair.



World Guard






Scoreboard Stats

Join Us Today: Or visit our website:


Our Amazing Spawn


Welcome to Zorua Gaming, a Pixelmon Survival/Adventure Server!

Begin your Journey after choosing your favorite starter. When you finish exploring Spawn, you can choose to either go to The Wilderness -or- Start Adventuring through the different cities we have created. In the Wilderness you are free to build where you please! In the every city we will have a Gym Leader for you to challenge, and if you beat them, you come one step closer to battling the Elite Four, and ultimately becoming a Master Trainer!

Gym leaders are still being chosen

our site:

Server IP:

Pixelmon Server Hub

Tired of just having access to one server, only having to log out and go to another server when it goes down for maintence or crashes? Tired of having a long list of servers you play on & want it all in one location?

Join The Pixelmon Server Hub!

Have access to some of the top Pixelmon servers!

Adventure / Survival Servers are available!

Want to be a part of The Pixelmon Server Hub? Leave a post on the following:

Hope to see you folks there! :D

Pixel Gods !

Join this amazing server at where anything is possible.

We have RPG quest, player built towns, and much more including a beautiful spawn, and amazing gyms

The server is fair, with amazing rules to make a great community.

You can apply to become, gym leader, builder, moderator, and possibly admin if you apply

The website is

And the ip is

And also we are a new server and are trying to get more players some come and join us

Ditto Craft Pixelmon Server

IP =

Welcome to Ditto Craft.

Ditto Craft is a Pixelmon server running the Kanto region as its map.

The world is open and you can explore the Kanto region freely.

Earn money by collecting pokemon drops, entering the lottery or voting for us to receive $200 ingame cash.

Money is used for buying pokemon related items or purchasing land to build on.

Pixelmon Webpage =

Website/Store =

(If you crash when you first connect try again and it should be fine)

ZeptoGamers Pixelmon

Welcome to ZeptoGamers Pixelmon!


ZeptoGamers Pixelmon is a pixelmon server you are sure to have fun on.

We have brilliant and dedicated staff aswell as enforced rules to keep you in line.

We have a shop too.

There's lots of plugins, for example, lockette and coreprotect (to rollback those pesky griefers :3)

We also have a website

(You'll crash on first join so you should be fine when you re-connect.)

ThunderJolt Pixelmon

Welcome to ThunderJolt Pixelmon!


ThunderJolt Pixelmon is a pixelmon server you are sure to have fun on.

The staff is their to help you and will enforce the rules on anyone who breaqks them!

There are 2 shops in the server the normal pokemart and the secret shop that is located in spawn

There's lots of plugins,That allow you to have endless fun and allow you to protect your house IE: crates

To view our website it's

The crash glitch has been fixed aswell!

Kanto League Pixelmon Server

Welcome to Kanto League Pixelmon!





Kanto League Pixelmon server is a server based off of the Kanto region.

We are online 24/7 and offer a lag free server with safari zone, neatherland, survival,

factions, treasure hunt,pvp and all gyms! We have a great and knowledgeable staff and we're

still looking for active members to add to our staff, please apply at our website join me and come check us out!

(If you're kicked the first time while trying to connect try again and you should be good to go)
Kanto League New Pixelmon Server03:10

Kanto League New Pixelmon Server

Kanto League Tour


Poketowns is an awesome server with lots of events such as the safari zone, pig races, drop parties, and more! And if no event is going on you can compete at the PVP arena, (don't worry about dying, because unlike other servers you keep all your items when you die, and you can even go back to where you died)!  If you like town servers and pokemon check out poketowns!


Store (Cheap with plenty of sales):


Augmented Reality Pixelmon

We are a perfect blend of vanilla minecraft and pixelmon. For those looking for something a little different then all these typical servers above our is the one to check out. We have a small but active and friendly community and always look forward to meeting new people. We have custom built plugins such as the Pokemon Gauntlets which are awesome competition. Come check us out!




Pokemon League Citadel


AusPixelGaming Pixelmon

The AusPixel Gaming Pixelmon server features all the regions excluding Kalos. We have many gym leader positions over and once a month we hold a competition for people to compete and become one of the Elite 4. The champion is the person that can defeat ALL of the elite 4 and the champion without using a Pokecenter.



We hope to see you soon!

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