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Poké Icon Scizor Icon
Type Bug/Steel
Pokédex Entry It raises its pincers with eyelike markings for intimidation. It also swings them down dangerously.
Pre-Evolution/s Scyther
Evolution/s None
Spawns None
Rarity None
Catch Rate 25
Level Range None
Mountable Yes
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Shiny Scizor

Drops None
Scizor is a bipedal bug/steel type insectoid Pokémon with a red, metallic exoskeleton. It has gray, retractable forewings and hind wings with simple, curved venation. Its head is kite-shaped with three blunt horns extending above its forehead, and dark yellow eyes. Scizor's neck and part of its thorax give the appearance of being exposed: they show black skin, and are surrounded by its raised exoskeleton. Scizor has a large abdomen with three black, pointed stripes below the waist; Scizor has broad shoulders and thin, segmented arms ending in large, round pincers. Scizor's legs are defined by large hip joints, thin thighs, and wide calves, its feet ending in one clawed toe in front and another in the back.

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