Roggenrola (Japaneseダンゴロ Dangoro) is a Rock-Type Pokemon.

It evolves into Boldore starting Lv.25 and then into Gigalith through trading.


Roggenrola is a Pokemon that is only found in Mesa biomes. It may seem impossible to find due to the size of its overworld. It is ridiculously small and is also rare to find. If you do find a Roggenrola, you are in great luck. Roggenrola's are usually weak, around Lv.2-3. This way it makes up for the rareness of it.

Roggenrola; rediculously tiny!

Catch Rate

Roggenrola is a fairly easy Pokemon to catch. In order to catch you will need a low leveled Pokemon that has learned Tackle. Then repeatedly attack Roggenrola with Tackle until it is low on HP. Then use a capture ball to successfully catch it. If you use a Pokeball, it is not guaranteed to catch it. If you use anything with a catch rate of a Great Ball of more, you have yourself a guaranteed catch.


-Roggenrola is not as leveled as in the real games (Pokemon Black and White 2) where it is around Lv.30.

-Having another player on your server is needed in order to get Gigalith as well as a Trade Machine.

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