078 Rapidash

#077 Ponyta

Rapidash is a Fire-type Pokémon found in plains biomes. It is the evolved form of Ponyta, which evolves at level 40.

Rapidash is a horse-like, quadrupedal Pokémon with black hooves and a cream-colored body. It has a horn on its forehead, reminiscent of a unicorn. It has red eyes that are proportionally smaller and different in design than those of its pre-evolution. Like Ponyta, Rapidash has various red and orange flames streaming from certain spots on its body. However, Rapidash's flames are different in shape and location on the body — the flames at the tops of Ponyta's legs have vanished and there are now flames on the ankles. Also, Rapidash's 'tail'-flame now streams from its back, and its 'mane' flame is much longer.


Rapidash has an incredibly diverse physical movepool, due to its aggressive outline.

Level Move Type Category Effect
0 Poison Jab Poison Physical May poison target.
0 Megahorn Bug Physical N/A
0 Growl Normal Other Lowers target's Attack by 1 stage.
0 Quick Attack Normal Physical Gets +1 priority.

Tail Whip

Normal Other Lowers target's Defense by 1 stage.
0 Ember Fire Special May burn target.
4 Tail Whip Normal Other Lowers target's Defense by 1 stage
9 Ember Fire Special May burn target.
13 Flame Wheel Normal Physical May burn target.


Normal Physical May make target flinch.
21 Flame Charge Fire Physical Raises user's Speed by 1 stage.
25 Fire Spin Fire Special Prevents target from switching and removes 1/16th of its health per turn.
29 Take Down Normal Physical Deals 1/4 recoil damage.
33 Inferno Fire Special Burns target if successful.
37 Agility Psychic Other Raises user's Speed by 2 stages.
40 Fury Attack Normal Physical Hits 2-5 times.
41 Fire Blast Fire Special May burn target.
45 Bounce Flying Physical Bounces up into the air first turn, unleashes an attack second turn. May cause paralysis. Certain moves still hit bouncing Pokémon.
49 Flare Blitz Fire Physical

Deals 1/3 recoil damage. May burn target.

Advanced info

HP Attack Defense Sp. Atk Sp. Def Speed
65 100 70 80 80 105
Pokedex # 078
EV Gain for defeat 2 Speed
Weight 209.4 lbs
Experience Class Medium-Fast

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