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Poké Icon Raichu Icon
Type Electric
Pokédex Entry Its tail discharges electricity into the ground, protecting it from getting shocked.
Pre-Evolution/s Pichu

Pikachu(A Thunderstone)

Evolution/s None
Spawns Plains, Forest, Forest Hills
Rarity 10
Catch Rate 75
Level Range 33-38
Mountable No
Drops Glowstone Dust (1-3)

Raichu is a rare Electric type Pokémon. It is found in forest biomes. It is important to note that a Raichu cannot learn any moves from leveling up. It only learns moves as a Pikachu or through TMs. Raichu is aquired by using a Thunderstone on a Pikachu, and can't be gotten by just leveling up Pikachu.

2014-01-25 21.03.29 (2)

A Shiny Raichu.

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