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Pokepoke Online

Pokepoke as it's more common name, is a server of Pixelmon that is vast and different from others in a good way. It is a pixelmon server using Technic Laucher to play

Starting Out

As any game, choose a starter. Also don't think that it is hard to obtain others if you know the right methods. Use Charmander or Mudkip if your focus is power though. Charmander is perfered due to power and /warp grinder has mostly grass pokemon, including lv 15-40 metapods that fire types will speed up the fight of. I also suggest voting to get your easy rewards


When you play, money will be a big help in this game using /bal can check how much dollars you have. This part isn't going to have much under it's heading but will be explained under other sections.


You have 2 sources for voting a day, and they give good rewards

Rewards from each vote:

Hero Key- Can sell on auction for 10k easily, to sell on auction do /sell [price] [amount of item]

3 Diamonds- On sell shop they sell for $75, so it's best to use them for hammers or crafting

2 Rare Candy- Either level pokemon or sell for 1.5k a piece

3 Super Potions- Heal your pokemon in/out of battle or sell them 1k a piece

Building a Base

I used the wild teleport in front of spawn, before the protected training grounds where you fight pokemon like ratta and milktank. I suggest after teleporting to look around and just pick a place to settle. That golden shovel will come in handy.

Getting the basics done and how they help

Well money and pokemon are the main focus along with your base. Think of a basic house when starting out, like a log cabin or something simple. You can do more later. You team will affect you one way or another in the long run, do /kit starter whever you can for some new tools and some pokeballs. Try to get a team after leveling your starter and keep your team always around the same level except if you have legends, you don't need to go that far as it is almost impossible to find a lv 70 in the wild. Money will be a big part, especially because it will be the main source of masterballs. People sell them by the bundle and you should never bit at 10k unless you are really desperate, go for people selling 5-6.5k. The money will get you gear and equipment that would take some serious work to get otherwise, your team are your main focus in this adventure to get things that get you money in return. Then your base will be where you live and interact.


You may see some players advertise shops in chat, you should make your own when things are under your belt. People tpa to you and you make a place to sell, simple as that. Your trash becomes treasure. And your treasures will get you rich. Though you might want to go into ranches first.


Ranches are what you pretty much need for a shop to be good. Ranch Blocks are craftable and there is a breeding guide on this wikia, you want to set up outside farms of eggs for pokemon people want like starters. Or you can pay for breeding their male w/ a ditto so they get a egg of the male and pay more for a shiny ditto to make a almost guaranteed shiny egg of the male. I would say 5k for normal ditto and 10k for shiny ditto egg. I make my farms as efficient as possible for quicker eggs.

Getting a team

If you are the kind of person who wants help with this work and labor around the market or wherever, you should get some staff members or people to be friends in a community. I recommend getting some new people to join, just msg wanna join my community. If they say yes them let them build up ranks. At start give them some supplies and gear maybe a pokemon egg or two and help them build a nearby house. Try to get them in some chat like Facebook live, Google Hangouts, or Skype call. Start off with gear and home, then if they are nice enough let them help you with temporary terms on your land. If they become good enough of help then you can give perm rights. If something is stolen a admin can come over to help.

Helpful side tips

Try to get good pokemon at first, I mean like if you get a exp share then give it to one you are training so whenever you fight you gain exp. Early pokemon that are good to train are gastly for genguar or any high level pokemon in the grinder so that when it levels it instantly evolves, giving rare candies a good use. If you choose ghastly, evolve as soon as you can when it become haunter, it has same moveset and has higher buffs that will increase over time better than if you wait.

Really getting into the game

Well now that you have the parts of the starter down and a decent team, time to get out if being a noob and to a good gamer. Well if you get 5k cash, a easy thing to do you can do /rankup to get a better kit over time. Isn't that neat? To be serious that rankup will get some neat gear over time that may be op. If you haven't noticed already, you can't due unless in a pvp arena even lava won't chew any durability or health. Even then you have keep inventory.

Advanced Voting

Well if you have used your keys, like selling 1 a day and using one or you check chat for rewards. You will notice good and bad luck. Use 1 key now each day or two as you can get free shinnies and legionaries from the crates if you are lucky, it will give you a otherwise unobtainable boss pokemon! No matter what you will win against one or more of the other player's pokemon before it drops, and if you carry revives then you can become a beast destroying players.

Bosses, Shinnies, and Legionaries

You probally have seen at least one in the wild by the time you achive the previous things. But to give a rundown anyways here is what they are and what they do:

Bosses- These guys will sell more than the other two combined. As you will find them, depending on rarity they will be higher in level than your top, and have a randomized moveset. Enabling a gloom to have water sport, you can't prepare other than elemental advantage. If you breed one you are guaranteed the egg a 50/50 chance of being boss or not.

Shinnies- These guys can make you big bucks off of breeding. As eggs will have a high chance of being shiny. Also they have a re-texture than can make them look a lot cooler. They also will spout particles and can have big price tags. It's better to hatch the eggs and sell the result than the egg because that may result in several refunds of money.

Legionaries- The rarest pokemon, these guys can't be breeded so they are epic when you obtain one and bring envy to many. If sold they make the big bucks over shinnies but you can breed shinnies. They always lv 70 when found so they are easier to get to 100 than any other pokemon followed with a bomb of a catch rate, they are suggested to be the use of masterballs.

How do I catch any of these you may ponder? Well bosses can only be obtained for your party from crates. Though shinnies and legionaries are capturable and can come from crates. Though it is easier to capture them, if you have read my entry on suicune's page that the maker mispelled to suicine you already know this. This plan suggests that you have 25+ of certain balls to capture them

Rounds 1-5 Keep on using Quick Balls, they can capture any pokemon by chance on first few rounds most of the time

Rounds 6-24 At this point the Quick Balls are probably not gonna work, try weakening it and dropping it to red or yellow if you are afraid you will kill it and use ultra balls but if you have a lv 100 then try level balls instead

Round 25 At this point it is stubborn, use a masterball, if you don't want to use it or don't have it then repeat 6-24 until it is caught. If you run out have someone tpa and pay or just kill it.


Well if you haven't noticed the chat encouraging wondertrade. Then you haven't paid attention to it I guess. if you do /wondertrade [slot in your team] then it will ask to confirm with /wt [slot] confirm and it will give a random pokemon from the pool, i suggest just finding a magikarp or something low level and wondertradeing it. As it can give a low or high level in return or a legendary, shiny, or boss from it. A lv 5 Pidgey could give a lv 100 mewtwo in return. Though if you give a high level you could get a lv 5 pidgey in return. It is a game of chance of what you want.

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