What Is A Pokemon Egg?

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Examples of what can hatch from an egg, and a Ditto which can breed to make almost any pokemon.

A pokemon egg is something you get after Breeding pokemon. It can be hatched after walking a certain distance, and every pokemon has a different distance you must walk. Hatching eggs can be a painful experience, especially if you are hatching something like a Riolu, as these can take a while.

Every pokemon egg will contain the devolved form of whatever pokemon to get on is not breed.

Legendary Eggs

As much as you want to get Legendaries, they cannot be bred.

This is possible if you alter the config file, and a Ditto x Ditto breeding will then have a chance of creating a legendary egg.

Manaphy is the onlyone legendary who can make eggs, but it isn't in Pixelmon.

Legendary x Legendary, Legendary x Ditto, and Legendary x Other are not possible, as Legendaries are unbreedable.

Ditto Breeding

  • Ditto x Pokemon x = Pokemon x*
  • Ditto x Legendary = Not Possible
  • Ditto x Ditto = Any Pokemon except Ditto and Legendaries
  • Any Pokemon except Legendaries or Ditto.

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