An example of the Pokédex UI

The Pokédex is a que item that displays the basic statistics of Pokémon. It contains a list of all Pokémon that a player has captured, and a brief description of each Pokémon. The Pokédex is very helpful to find out what Pokémon you have seen or captured. In the regular game modes, right click with the cross on the pokemon from a short distance away will enter them in pokedex only with photo and name. Capture or possess the pokemon will enter them and all information (height, weight and description) for the Pokedex automatically. If in creative mode, it lists all Pokémon whose entries have been implemented. As of Pixelmon 4.0.7, pressing the I button by default opens the Pokedex. Pressing I on a Pokemon will also register it to the Pokedex.


  • 4 Iron ingots
  • 2 Rose red dye
  • 1 Glass pane
  • 1 Redstone lamp
  • 1 Redstone

This recipe no longer works.

Workbench GUI.png

Iron Ingot

Rose Red

Iron Ingot

Glass Pane

Redstone Lamp


Iron Ingot

Rose Red

Iron Ingot


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