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Last edited on December 27, 2013
by TheAmazingDman
An example of the Pokédex UI
The Pokédex is an item that displays a Pokémon's basic stats. It contains a list of all Pokémon that the player has captured, and a brief description of each Pokémon. The Pokédex is very helpful for figuring out which Pokémon you have seen or caught.

In regular game modes, right clicking with the cross hairs over the pokemon from a short distance will enter them into the pokedex with picture and name only. Catching or owning the pokemon will automatically enter them and all information (height, weight and description) into the Pokedex.

If in creative, it lists all Pokémon whose entries have been implemented.


  • 4 Iron ingots
  • 2 Rose red dye
  • 1 Glass pane
  • 1 Redstone lamp
  • 1 Redstone