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Introducing the new Poké Balls system

In a recent update, Pixelmon gained an entire new Poké Ball crafting system. The new system grants more Poké Balls and doesn't require a lot of mining.

Getting started

To make Poké Balls, the first thing you need is 3 apricorns.

We will use the Poké Ball example here. You need at least 3 apricorns. Cook them and get cooked apricorns. The next step is creating a lid. You create a Poké Ball disc by putting 3 cooked apricorns in a horizontal fashion. Note: Different Poké Balls use different combinations of apricorns. See the page to the Poké Balls you are trying to craft to see the recipe.

To make an iron disc, put 3 iron ingots like you would make a disc.

Workbench GUI.png

Iron Ingot

Iron Ingot

Iron Ingot

Iron Disc


Crafting it

To craft the Poké Ball itself, you need an Anvil and a hammer. Right click the anvil with a disc in your hand to place it and start hitting the anvil with a hammer (left clicking it), and after a while it will turn into a lid/Iron base.

To create the Poké Ball itself, you need the iron base, a button, and the Poké Ball Lid. Put them anywhere in the crafting table.

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