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Fishing is an activity you can do using a fishing rod. Fishing is an alternative way to catch pokemon instead of walking around aimlessly. Fishing only aquires water-type pokemon. When you receive a "nibble" on your rod, right click to bring a pokemon towards you and battle it. The quality of your rod determines the different pokemon you can catch. 

Old Rod

The lowest quality fishing rod. Possible catches include Magikarp and Goldeen.

Can be crafted in game with three sticks, a string and a pokeball. 


Crafting Recipe

Good Rod

This rod is of higher quality than the Old Rod. May be dropped by water pokemon trainers upon defeating them (low chance) 

Potential catches include: Poliwag, Carvanah, Magikarp, Goldeen, Staryu, Seadra, Dewott, Tentacool, and Shellder.

Super Rod

This rod is of higher quality than the Good Rod.  Add more info if needed

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