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Right-click on the mon' you wish to ride with no item in your hand. Left-shift to dismount. A saddle is not required. Turning must be done with directional keys and can be somewhat difficult. Speed cannot be altered. Pixelmon will always travel in a straight line in whatever direction their head is aimed. Like horses, your mounts have health. The amount of health they have is dependent on the amount of health the pokemon has. For example, a level 82 Dragonite will have more health than your level 1 Mareep.

Land Mounts

2013-05-21 09.34.46

This screenshot is System riding a shiny Arcanine.

Water Mounts

2013-10-28 16.39.50

Riding Blastoise

Water mounts typically function well on land. Their water travel is particularly quick. It is best to mount the Pokémon on land and then enter the water. Press spacebar in the water to swim. Once you release the spacebar, your Pokémon will go back to sinking, and you will constantly need to hold it down to stay afloat. Kyogre is recommended, as it's extremely fast and does not get in your view. Water mounts are the smallest variety of what you can ride

Flying mounts

2013-10-28 16.37.47

Riding on a shiny Charizard

The jump button must be held in order to ascend. It's quite easy to control. Flying mounts are by far the most useful. The movement is very quick and snazzy once you get off the ground. There doesn't seem to be any stamina, so flight is unlimited. Highly recommended are Metagross and Golurk, Since you do not need to get onto their level to be able to mount them. Sometimes, pixelmon that hover require you to meet their level in order to mount. Fearow was removed from flying for some obnoxious reason.

Note: You WILL get night vision when you get underwater with a pokemon, if you do not like this, and are on a server where you are not opped, leave the game and come back. If you are, take effects from yourself with /effect {playername} {efffect} {amplifier-0} {time-0}.

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