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Poké Icon Mew Icon
Type Psychic
Pokédex Entry Because it can use all kinds of moves, many people believe Mew is the ancestor of all Pokémon.
Pre-Evolution/s None
Evolution/s None
Spawns Jungle
Rarity 1/1241
Catch Rate 3
Level Range 50
Mountable No
Drops None
Sounds "Mew"

Mew is a Psychic-type legendary Pokémon that can be found in Jungle and Forest biomes. It is very rare to find. If a Mew spawns the game will notify you with a message on screen saying that a Legendary Pokemon has spawned in the Jungle or the Forest. One will likely spawn every 500 hours you play and the chance of finding it is 1/10,000, so it is highly advised to attempt a capture if spotted. Due to its very low catch rate it is highly recommended that a Master Ball or Park Ball be used to capture it. Mew will always appears at level 50 unless it is a boss Pokémon (although this is exceedingly rare), so take this into consideration before initiating a battle with it. Mew will more than likely have the powerful move Psychic (TM29) at its disposal in battle so be wary of using Poison and Fighting-type Pokémon against it. The shiny Mew is light blue instead of the normal light pink. An easy way to find a Mew is to stay low to the ground in Jungles, and to listen for Mew's unique squeaky voice. Because Mew is able to learn every TM, it is a great addition to many teams. Mew is a member of the Mew duo along with Mewtwo. It will not evolve into Mewtwo, but can be used in the Cloning Machine to have a random chance of getting a ditto or a Mewtwo.


Because Mew can only be caught at level 50, the only moves it will be able to learn through leveling up after level 50 are the following:

  • Amnesia (level 60), Type - Psychic, Increases Special Defense stat by 2.
  • Me First (level 70), Type - Normal, If you move first and the opponent is using a damaging move, you attack doing 1.5x the damage of the opponents move. It fails if the opponent does not use a damaging move.
  • Baton Pass (level 80), Type - Normal, Allows for a Pokémon swap if the opponent has used a move that blocks Pokémon swapping (due to a bug with swap blocking moves, learning this move is currently pointless).
  • Nasty Plot (level 90), Type - Dark, Raises Special Attack stat by 2.
  • Aura Sphere (level 100), Type - Fighting, has 90 power, doesn't miss unless the opponent is in the first stage of using Dig, Dive, or Fly.

In addition to these moves, Mew can learn every TM in the game.

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