151 Mew

#150 Mewtwo
Mew #151
Hidden Ability
Wild Level(s)
Catch Rate
EV Yield
3 HP
Egg Group(s)
Spawn Time(s)
Timid 80%
Neutral 0%
Aggressive 20%
Jungle Hills, Jungle M

Mew is a Psychic-type legendary Pokémon that can be found in the "Jungle M" and "Jungle Hills" biomes, during the day time. With the default configuration settings, if a Mew spawns, the game will notify you with a message in the chat saying that "A Legendary Pokemon has spawned in a Jungle Hills/ Jungle M biome." Mews base stats have a total of 600, with the stats being split evenly with 100 in each category. It has a 45 catch rate, the only other legendary with a catch of 45 is Celebi, thus it is far easier to catch than most other legendaries currently in the game, all others having a catch rate of 3. Mew only spawns at level 50. Mew will more than likely have the powerful move Psychic (TM29) at its disposal in battle so be wary of using Poison and Fighting-type Pokémon against it. The shiny Mew is light blue instead of the normal light pink. As mew is a small pokemon that spawns in a difficult biome to navigate, it would be suggested to clear out an area where it can spawn. Because Mew is able to learn every TM, it is a great addition to many teams. It cannot evolve into Mewtwo, but can be cloned in the Cloning Machine to have a chance at cloning a ditto or a Mewtwo. Despite rumors, mew does not spawn on jungle leaves exclusively.

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