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Master Ball

A Master Ball, thrown at a Pokémon. The Pokémon inside is for sure going to be captured.

The Master Ball is a Pokè ball that has assured catch rate of a x255 multiplier. It will always catch a pokemon, great for legendary hunting/low capture rates(It will not capture other Trainer's Pokèmon). Master balls are not craftable and are only obtainable from boss Pokèmon, Creative mode, Master Ball loot chests or spawning the item in. It is often used to catch legendary Pokèmon, or rare Pokèmon such as shiny Pokemon.The ID for the Master Ball is 8259.


The master ball is a rare pokeball that cannot be crafted. People commonly use it to catch legendaries, high level pokemon or a shiny (Sometimes cheated off creative menu). The master ball is usually hard to obtain in servers, because someone has already claimed the loot, servers make them a rare voting reward. Few servers give free master balls as a starting kit thing.

2013-11-30 10.38.08

Master Ball found from a boss pokemon.

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