Legendary Pokemon are powerful, usually high base-stat Pokemon. They can be a valuable part of many teams. They tend to be difficult to catch due to a low catch rate, however, they are usually valuable parts of many teams.
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All Pixelmon Legendaries


Legendary pokemon spawn very rarely, and in their own specific biomes. Some legendary Pokemon do not naturally spawn and must be created. The three birds (Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres) must be spawned by filling an orb and then the orb must be used at a shrine. The Mewtwo is spawned by inserting a Mew into a cloning machine. Here is a list of the biomes in which the legendaries spawn as of 5.0.4.

Legendary Biome Time Generation
Articuno Summoned with Orb None 1


Summoned with Orb None 1
Moltres Summoned with Orb None 1
Mew Jungle Hills or Jungle M Day 1
Mewtwo Cloning machine. None 1
Raikou Savannah Dawn/Dusk 2
Entei Extreme Hills M Day 2
Suicune Beach Night 2
Lugia Deep Ocean Night 2
Ho-oh Mesa (Bryce) Day 2
Celebi Flower Forest Any 2
Regirock Mesa Plateau M Dawn/Dusk 3
Regice Ice Mountains Night 3
Registeel Mesa (Bryce) Dawn/Dusk 3
Latias Ocean/Deep Ocean Day 3
Latios Ocean/Deep Ocean Dawn/Dusk 3
Kyogre Deep Ocean Night 3
Groudon Desert Hills Day 3
Rayquaza Sunflower Plains Dawn/Dusk 3
Jirachi Extreme Hills M+ Dawn/Dusk 3
Deoxys Cold Taiga M Night 3
Uxie River Day 4
Mesprit River Dawn/Dusk 4
Azelf River Night 4

All legendaries have a catch rate of 3, apart from Celebi and Mew, who have catch rates of 45. This means that most legendaries are difficult to catch. A good strategy for legendaries is to use Timer Balls, as timer balls will have a 4x catch rate after the 13th ball. Fast balls are good to use against Celebi and Mew, as they both have a base speed of 100, which allows fast balls to be effective. You do not need to damage Celebis or Mews, or use Masterballs on them because they are very easy to catch. Below is the chart of the most effective ball to use for various Legendaries.

Legendary Most Effective Ball
Articuno Timer/Dusk Balls
Zapdos Fast Balls
Moltres Timer/Dusk Balls
Mew Fast Ball
Mewtwo Fast Balls
Raikou Fast Balls
Entei Timer/Dusk Balls
Suicune Timer/Dusk Balls
Lugia Timer/Dusk Balls
Ho-oh Timer/Dusk Balls
Celebi Fast Ball
Regirock Timer/Dusk Balls
Regice Timer/Dusk Balls
Registeel Timer/Dusk Balls
Latias Timer/Dusk Balls
Latios Timer/Dusk Balls
Kyogre Timer/Dusk Balls
Groudon Timer/Dusk Balls
Rayquaza Timer/Dusk Balls
Jirachi Fast Ball
Deoxys Timer/Dusk Balls
Uxie Timer/Dusk Balls
Mesprit Timer/Dusk Balls
Azelf Fast Ball

After the 13th turn into a battle, Timer Balls will always have a 4x catch rate! Thus Timer balls are by default one of the best balls to use for all legendaries besides Park Balls and Master Balls, which both have a 100% catch rate. Dusk Balls are also very good, with a 4x catch rate during night time.

  • Articuno
  • Zapdos
  • Moltres
  • Mew
  • Mewtwo
  • Rayquaza
  • Shiny Zapdos
  • Shiny Articuno
  • Kyogre from front view
  • Groudon
  • blue shiny mew
  • green shiny mewtwo
  • Boss Regice
  • Lugia Flying
  • Legendary Magikarp In zombie Form

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