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Lapras, the "Transport" pokemon, is a dual Water/Ice type that spawns naturally in Ocean biomes. It has neither a pre-evolution nor an evolved form. Unlike Staryu, Tentacool, and Seadra, finding a Lapras near the surface is very, very rare, so when seeking this pokemon it's advisable to bring either another water mount or a helm with a Respiration enchantment to minimize the risk of drowning while tracking it or while swimming to the surface after combat. Lapras usually spawn above level 35, so come prepared with an appropriately-leveled team, as without whittling down its health first its catch rate is exceedingly low. Dive Balls are recommended. This pokemon can be used as a water mount.


Lapras is a large sea-dwelling pokemon resembling a finned dinosaur with a large, blunt-spiked shell on its back. Its body is blue, with a cream-colored underbelly. It has a single short, blunt horn in the middle of its forehead, round, curled ears, and large, black eyes. Its shiny coloration is a shade of lavender instead of blue. It may be based on prehistoric Placodonts.


Lapras are intelligent, social pokemon who travel in large pods whose members communicate by singing in a manner similar to real-world cetaceans. They enjoy ferrying people and pokemon across bodies of water on their backs, and are capable of understanding human speech. They have a gentle disposition and prefer to avoid fighting, a quality that has nearly led to their extinction due to over-hunting.

Advanced Information

Base Stats




Sp. Atk

Sp. Def








Base stat total: 535


Shiny Lapras

Shiny Lapras.

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