099 Kingler

#098 Krabby
#100 Voltorb

Kingler is a Water-type Pokémon found on beaches. It is the evolved form of Krabby, which evolves at level 28.


Kingler has an incredible moveset for a physical sweeper, including Swords Dance (through TM) to boost its already incredible Attack to insane levels. It is currently the only user of its signature move Crabhammer in Pixelmon.

Level Move Type Category Effect
0 Wide Guard Rock Other Protects user and his teammates from certain moves.
0 Mud Sport Ground Other Halves damage dealt by Electric moves until user faints or switches out.


Water Special May reduce target's Speed by 1 stage.
0 ViceGrip Normal Physical N/A


Normal Other Reduces target's Defense by 1 stage.
5 ViceGrip Normal Physical N/A
9 Leer Normal Other Reduces target's Defense 1 by stage.
11 Harden Normal Other Raises user's Defense by 1 stage.
15 BubbleBeam Water Special May reduce target's Speed by 1 stage.
19 Mud Shot Ground Special Reduces target's Speed by 1 stage.
21 Metal Claw Steel Physical May raise user's Attack by 1 stage.
25 Stomp Normal Physical May make target flinch.
32 Protect Normal Other Makes all moves used on the Pokémon fail.
37 Guillotine Normal Physical Instantly knocks the target out if successful.
44 Slam Normal Physical N/A
51 Brine Water Special Deals double damage if the user has <50% of its HP left.
56 Crabhammer Water Physical Double critical hit ratio.
63 Flail Normal Physical

Deals more damage the lower the user's HP is.

Advanced information

HP Attack Defense Sp. Atk Sp. Def Speed
55 135 115 50 50


Pokedex # 099
EV gain for defeat 2 Attack
Weight 132.3 lbs
Experience Class Medium-Fast

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