064 Kadabra

#063 Abra

A Kadabra is characterized by its human-like body structure and its somewhat fox-like appearance. It has two large ears of the top of either side of its head, a red star-shaped symbol of its forehead (derived from Zener cards), and two somewhat sinister-looking eyes in the middles of its face. Its eyes lead down to its nose and mouth and its relatively large mustache that grows out on the narrower section of its face. On both of its arms, there are brown sections that are located on the shoulder region of its body. Its arms are small and consist of Kadabra's regular yellow-hued skin. Its hands each have three fingers, of which all each have a large white claw attached. Its torso consists of a brown section of body similar to a fauld and an insect-like abdomen below it, which has three red wavy lines (also derived from the Zener cards). Attached to this abdomen is a huge, thick tail, which is mostly yellow with a band of brown circling it. Its legs are very thin and yellow. Its feet each have three toes: two in the front on each side, and one in the back near the ankle. Each of these toes has a large white claw attached to it. Kadabra wields one spoon, which is used to amplify its telekinetic powers.

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