Haunter #093
Haunter 1
Hidden Ability
Wild Level(s)
Catch Rate
EV Yield
2 Special Attack
Egg Group(s)
Spawn Time(s)
Timid 80%
Neutral 0%
Aggressive 20%
Taiga, Taiga Hills, Taiga M, Mega Taiga, Mega Taiga Hills, Mega Spruce Taiga, Mega Spruce Taiga Hills

A dual Ghost/Poison type Pokemon and is a species of Gas Pokemon. Haunter is more likely to run away from trainers than to engage them in battle with it's timid behavior. Haunter is the evolved form of Gastly starting at level 25 and will evolve into Gengar upon being traded.


Ghast Tear


  • This Pokemon may have attacks that are super effective against certain types
Type 1 [Ghost]: Ghost, Psychic
Type 2 [Poison]: Grass
  • This Pokemon may have attacks that are weak against specific types:
Type 1 [Ghost]: Dark, Steel
Type 2 [Poison]: Ghost, Ground, Poison, Rock
  • This Pokemon may have attacks that are useless against specific types:
Type 1 [Ghost]: Normal
Type 2 [Poison]: Steel


  • These attack types deal normal damage to this Pokemon:
Flying, Rock, Steel, Fire, Water, Electric, Ice, Dragon
  • These attack types deal double damage to this Pokemon:
Ghost, Psychic, Dark
  • These attack types deal no damage to this Pokemon:
Normal, Fight, Ground
  • These attack types aren't very effective against this Pokemon:
Poison (1/4), Bug (1/4), Grass
Level Move Type Effect Power Accuracy PP
Start Hypnosis Psychic Status - 60% 20
Start Lick Ghost Physical 30 100% 30
Start Spite Ghost Status - 100% 10
5 Spite Ghost Status - 100% 10
8 Mean Look Normal Status - - 5
12 Curse Ghost Status - - 10
15 Night Shade Ghost Special Varies 100% 15
19 Confuse Ray Ghost Status - 100% 10
22 Sucker Punch Dark Physical 80 100% 5
25 Shadow Punch Ghost Physical 60 - 20
28 Payback Dark Physical 50 100% 10
33 Shadow Ball Ghost Special 80 100% 15
39 Dream Eater Psychic Special 100 100% 15
44 Dark Pulse Dark Special 80 100% 15
50 Destiny Bond Ghost Status - - 5
55 Hex Ghost Special 65 100% 10
61 Nightmare Ghost Status - 100% 15
  • "-" on Power means this move does no damage.
  • "-" on Accuracy means this move will not miss.
  • Bolded moves deal STAB.
  • Spite lowers the PP of the enemies last used move between 1-5.
  • Mean Look prevents escape.
  • Curse halves the HP of a Ghost-Type Pokemon and puts a curse on the enemy to lose 1/4 of it's maximum HP every turn.
  • Night Shade deals damage equal to the users level.
  • Confuse Ray will cause the enemy to become confused.
  • Destiny Bond will cause the enemy Pokemon to faint after the user faints.
  • Nightmare will reduce the enemy Pokemons HP by a quarter of it's maximum each turn it sleeps.


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