058 Growlithe

#057 Primeape

Growlithe is a Fire-type Pokémon found in forest and savanna biomes. . It evolves into Arcanine through the use of a fire stone.

Growlithe can learn many powerful Fire-type moves as it levels up. These include:

  • Flamethrower (level 34), 95 power, 100% accuracy, 15PP
  • Heat Wave (level 41), 100 power, 90% accuracy, 10PP
  • Flare Blitz (level 45), 120 power, 100% accuracy, 15PP

However, it should be noted that its evolution, Arcanine, does not learn any of these moves. In fact, Arcanine will only learn ExtremeSpeed, which it learns at level 34. Because of this, it is highly advised you hold off evolving your Growlithe until it has learned some of these moves.

Moves learned by leveling

6          Ember                Fire

8          Leer                   Normal

10        Odor Sleuth       Normal

12        Helping Hand     Normal

17        Flame Wheel     Fire

19        Reversal            Fightin'

21        Fire Fang           Fire

23        Take Down         Normal

28        Flame Burst        Fire

30        Agility                  Psychic

32        Retaliate             Normal

34        Flamethrower      Fire

39        Crunch                Dark

41        Heat Wave          Fire

43        Outrage              Dragon

45        Flare Blitz            Fire

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