076 Golem

#075 Graveler
#077 Ponyta

Golem is a Rock/Ground-type Pokémon that is obtained through trading a Graveler using a Trade Machine. Golem are able to withdraw their head, arms, and legs into their shell and roll at high speeds, usually causing small earthquakes when doing so. Golem are dangerous when doing this, as they are unable to see and may crash into or run over anything in their path. Golem’s body is so hard that even dynamite cannot scratch it. Golem is also capable of using Explosion. With its massive attack and defense stats, it is recommended that you bring a Water-type or Grass-type Pokémon. As a fully evolved Pokémon, Golem is capable of using Giga Impact and generating Hyper Beams.


Base Min- Min Max Max+
HP 80 - 301 364 -
Atk 110 230 256 319 350
Def 130 266 296 359 394
SpA 55 131 146 209 229
SpD 65 149 166 229 251
Spe 45 113 126 189 207

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