This ground-dragon Pokémon is highly adapted to life in the desert. It's also known as "the spirit of the desert" due to the sound its wings make in sandstorms. When it flaps its wings, it inadvertently kicks up a cloud of dust, which serves to protect it from potential enemies. Its eyes are covered with thick lenses, which prevent particles of sand from disturbing its vision. The flapping wings create a very unusual "singing" sound. Because this sound is usually heard in the presence of sandstorms, the incredible speed this Pokémon flies with, and the reduction of sight in a sandstorm, it was thought that this Po
2013-11-17 15.41.35

Standing Flygon

2013-11-17 15.41.58

Mounted Flygon

kémon was the spirit of the desert. It evolves from Vibrava  at level 45. It is a Ground/Dragon dual typing.


Shiny Flygon

Shiny Flygon.

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