Espeon is one of the two evolutions for Eevee that was new in the Johto region. It's a strong and fast Psychic Pokémon with high special attack and destructive moves like Shadow Ball and Psychic. Its name comes from the abbreviation "ESP", Extra Sensory Perception, and the word "Eon", a long period of time (referring to evolution). If one were to come across a wild Eevee, and aim to evolve it into an Espeon or Umbreon, it is suggested that they use a Friend Ball, so that Eevee will only need 20 Happiness to evolve at the start.


Level up during the day from Eevee with at least a happiness of 220.

To make an Eevee happy you have different options:

  • Leveling up = +2
  • Walking 256 steps = +1
  • Catching it with a Luxury ball = Additional +1 to above methods
  • Catching it with a Friend Ball = +200

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