087 Dewgong

#086 Seel
#088 Grimer

Dewgong is a pinniped Pokémon resembling a sea lion. It has a snowy white, furry body, which renders it virtually invisible in snowy conditions. Its face has two black eyes with no visible sclera, a black button nose and two tusks extending from its upper jaw. It has a streamlined body with two front flippers and a long flowing tail. Even in extremely cold and ice-packed waters, its tail allows it to be a swift and agile swimmer at speeds of 8 knots. On top of its head is a sharp horn, which allows it to cut and plow through even the thickest of ice floes. It lives on icebergs adrift in frigged ocean waters, as well as glaciers on land. It thrives in lower temperatures, becoming increasingly more active the colder the weather gets. By storing thermal energy within its body, it is completely unharmed by even the most intense freezing weather. During daylight hours, it sleeps on bitterly cold ice or under shallow water. However, at night when the temperature drops, it becomes a hunter and searches for prey.


Lv. Move Type Cat. Power Acc.
1 Headbutt Normal Physical 70 100
1 Growl Normal Status - 100
1 Icy Wind Ice Special 55 95
1 Signal Beam Bug Special 75 100
3 Growl Normal Status - 100
7 Signal Beam Bug Special 75 100
11 Icy Wind Ice Special 55 95
13 Encore Normal Status - 100
17 Ice Shard Ice Physical 40 100
21 Rest Psychic Status - -
23 Aqua Ring Water Status - -
27 Aurora Beam Ice Special 65 100
31 Aqua Jet Water Physical 40 100
33 Brine Water Special 65 100
34 Sheer Cold Ice Special - -
39 Take Down Normal Physical 90 85
45 Dive Water Physical 80 100
49 Aqua Tail Water Physical 90 90
55 Ice Beam Ice Special 95 100
61 Safeguard Normal Status - -
65 Hail Ice Status - -

Shiny Dewgong

Shiny Dewgong.

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