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2.5 Cynd
Poké Icon 155
Type Fire
Pokédex Entry It has a timid nature. If it is startled, the flames on its back burn more vigorously.
Pre-Evolution/s None
Evolution/s Quilava (level 14)

Typhlosion (level 36)

Spawns Extreme Hills
Catch Rate 45
Level Range 10-15
Mountable No
Drops None
Cyndaquil is a Fire-type Pokémon and one of the starter Pokémon.
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This Pokemon has two evolutions, evolving into Quilava at level 14, then evolving into Typhlosion at level 36.

Drop Chance Amount
Blaze Powder 40% 1-3
Netherrack 1% 1
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Cyndaquil (Shiny)


  • Fire

Spawn Location

  • Savanna
  • Savanna Plateau
  • Savanna M
  • Savanna Plateau M

Spawn Times

  • Day

Type Effectiveness

Damage Modifiers (unless a number is next to the type listed):

Normal = x1

Weakneses = x2

Immunities = x0 (No damage/Ineffective)

Resistances = 1/2 (Half)

  • Offensive

'This Pokemon's type(s) may have attacks effective against': Bug, Grass, Ice, Steel

  • Defensive:

Normal Damage: Normal, Fighting, Flying, Poison, Ghost, Electric, Psychic, Dragon, Dark
Weakneses: Ground, Rock, Water
Immunities: None
Resistances: Bug, Steel, Fire, Grass, Ice


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