Cryogonal is a pure Ice type pokemon that spawns in Taiga biomes. They generally spawn between levels 15 and 30, and have no evolutionary line. It's worth noting that while in the handheld pokemon games Cryogonal are genderless, in Pixelmon their gender will always appear to be female. This trait is shared by all genderless pokemon, even Legendaries. This means that in Pixelmon, Cryogonal and other formerly genderless pokemon can successfully use and be affected by gender-based moves like Attract.


Cryogonal resembles a large snowflake with six prongs. Its body is made up entirely of shades of blue, except for two black openings toward the top and bottom of the hexagonal shape. One opening contains a pair of glowing blue eyes, and the other serves as a 'mouth' from which a line of lighter blue spheres hangs, with the orbs being not quite connected to one another. This gives Cryogonal the appearance of a mustache. Cryogonal are born in snow clouds, and are capable of turning to steam and vanishing when the temperature rises.

In its shiny form, its body is covered in slightly darker shades of blue, the spheres hanging from its mouth are pale yellow, and its eyes are red and pink.


Cryogonal utilize the chains of ice spheres hanging from their mouths as weapons to capture prey. They're capable of freezing this prey at -100° C. (148° F.)

Advanced Information

Base Stats




Sp. Atk

Sp. Def








Base stat total: 485


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