The Cloning Machine is a new machine in Pixelmon 3.0.0 that allows the chance to acquire a Ditto or a Mewtwo  by placing a Mew of any kind into the first part of the machine.

When getting a Mewtwo the machine will break and say error on the status board and a Mewtwo will appear. A single Mew can only be cloned up to 3 times. After 3 times of being cloned, you will be unable to clone the Mew, and a message saying "You have nothing to clone!" will appear.

You can craft a Cloning Machine with a Green Tank, Cloning Cord, and Orange Tank.


The Cloning Machine is complicated to make but it's worth it!

The cloning machine can also take 3 diamond blocks, gold blocks or iron blocks as a fuel to speed up the process

  • A bug has occurred in 3.0.1 making the cloning machine unable to absorb blocks used, so the same block can be used all 3 times as well as getting to keep it.

In preliminary tests:

3 Iron Blocks used: ~5% chance to get mewtwo

3 Gold Blocks used: ~50% chance to get mewtwo

3 Diamond Blocks used: ~70% chance to get mewtwo

(Tests were conducted with 50 cloning machines, using creative, and counted on the numbers of mewtwo created/total number of machines x100)

2014-02-15 22.14.25

Crafting since everyone's asking

2014-02-16 11.51.36

A broken Machine

2014-02-21 19.00.04

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