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Charmeleon is a Fire-type Pokémon. It evolves from Charmander at level 16 and evolves into Charizard at level 36.

Special abilities

Charmeleon can breathe fire. This fire is much hotter than Charmander's. This is a result of a larger flame burning at the tip of its tail than that of Charmander's.It possesses incredibly large claws which it utilizes in its powerful Slash attack. Its tail is also very powerful, having enough strength to lift an adult man.


Charmeleon tend to be stubborn, bad-tempered, and simply hotheaded. Due to their incredible power at such a low level, they can easily feel they are better than their Trainers are and will sometimes disregard attack commands. When tame, however, they are a formidable opponent and a loyal partner. Wild Charmeleon are ready to evolve when they begin to travel in different areas battling random opponents, and the flames on their tails begin to flash larger.


Level Move Type Category Effect
0 Tackle Normal Physical N/A
0 Growl Normal Other Lowers target's Attack 1 stage.
0 Ember Fire Special 10% chance of burn
7 Ember Fire Special 10% chance of burn
10 Smokescreen Normal Other Lowers Accuracy
17 Dragon Rage Dragon Special Does 40hp damage
21 Scary Face Normal Other Reduces Speed 2 levels
28 Fire Fang Fire Physical 10% chance of burn
32 Flame Burst Fire Special N/A
39 Slash Normal Physical Higher Critical Hit Ratio
43 Flamethrower Fire Special 10% chance of burn
50 Fire Spin Fire Special Pokemon gets damaged for 4-5 turns after move.
54 Inferno Fire Special Will always cause a burn when hits

Moves in Italics are pre-evolution only moves. These moves cannot be learned if the Pokémon evolves before the level they are learned at.

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