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What Is A Legendary Pokemon?

A Legendary pokemon is a rarer pokemon than most. This category includes the powerful Mewtwo. Legendary pokemon are somewhat stronger and larger than others.

How Do I Find A Legendary Pokemon?

The odds of finding a Legend is very slim, it's a game of waiting. But don't worry, if you wait long enough a message will come up in your game saying that a Legend has spawned in a specified biome!

How Do You Capture A Legend?

I recommend using a Master Ball or a Park Ball, these both have a definate chance of capturing a pokemon. Warning: Don't use these on common pokemon, it's a waste!

Legendary Bird Quest

The Legendary Bird Quest is the Quest to spawn and catch the Legendary Birds. These are:


Legendary Bird Quests Shrines

If you explore you can find the Legendary shrines in a structure randomly found in your world. For more info on the Bird Quest, click below: Legendary Bird Quests.

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