Carvanha, the fish Pokémon with strong jaws and sharp fangs! Carvanha's name origin is not certain but may be a combination of "carve" and "piranha".


Advanced Information

Pokedex # 318
EV Gain for defeat 1 Atk
Base Exp 88(Gen III-IV)
Weight 45.9 lbs(20,8 kg)
Experience Class Slow
Terrain ?
Male/Female 50/50
Base Stats
HP Attack Defense Sp. Atk Sp. Def Speed Total
45 90 20 65 20 65 305


Level Move Type Category Effect
0 Leer Normal Status Lowers target's Defense stat by one stage.
0 Bite Dark Physical 60 power, 100% accuracy
6 Rage Normal Physical Attack stat raises when hit by an opponent.
8 Focus Energy Normal Status Increases the critical hit ratio by 2 stages.
11 Scary Face Normal Status Lowers target's Speed stat by 2 stages.
16 Ice Fang Ice Physical 65 power, 95% accuracy.
18 Screech Normal Status Lowers the target's Defense stat by 2 stages.
21 Swagger Normal Status Increases the target's Attack stat by two stages, but also confuses the target
26 Assurance Dark Physical 50 power, 100% accuracy. Deals double damage if used after receiving damage
28 Crunch Dark Physical 80 power, 100% accuracy. 20% chance of lowering the target's Defense stat by one stage.
31 Aqua Jet Water Physical 40 power, 100% accuracy. This move always goes first.
36 Agility Phychic Status Increases the users Speed stat by 2 stages.
38 Take Down Normal Physical 90 power, 85% accuracy. Deals 25% of the damage to the user.

Moves learned after level 16 can only be learned by not evolving.


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