What Is Breeding?

Breeding is when two pokemon spend some time to make a Pokemon Egg. To do this, you will need a specific set up depending on what pokemon you are breeding.

What Do I Need To Start?

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Ranch Block Crafting: Flower Pot, PC, Piston.

First you will need to make a Ranch Block, to find out how to craft this, look at the picture to the right.

Once you have a ranch block, you must place it in an open area (has lots of room around it). Once placed, if you hover over it, a few squares will appear on the floor, that is the area for where you can place blocks to improve the environment for the type of pokemon to make breeding faster.

The Next Step

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Ranch Block and Ranch Upgrade

At this point, you can either expand your ranch using a Ranch Upgrade, or start breeding your chosen pokemon right away!

To start breeding in the suitable environment, right click your Ranch Block, a menu will come up, click manage pokemon, then from your pc, click the 2 pokemon you wish to breed together. The times of how long your breeding will take will show on the link on the section 'What do I need to start?'.

Please Comment If I Have Missed Something!

I would like to make sure you all get the best information possible, please say if I have made an error or have missed something important!

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