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Boss Pokémon (more commonly known as bosses) are rare types of Pokémon, usually tougher and larger than normal Pokémon. Their names come in four colors: green, blue, red, and yellow; in ascending order of difficulty. The rarer the boss, the more drops when defeated.

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Various boss Pidgeot and a normal Pidgeot
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You will also be able to see the names above the heads of Boss Pokémon from further away than the names of regular Pokémon.

As of 2.2.1, Boss Pokémon no longer show their level outside of battle, and are at a significantly higher level than before. Bosses scale to 5/10/20 in combat above your highest level party Pokémon depending on colour. This resets each time the wild boss Pokémon is fought;

  • A player who fights a wild blue boss with level 80 Pokémon will scale it to level 90.
  • A player who fights the same boss with level 85 Pokémon will scale it to level 95.
  • The maximum level a boss Pokémon is 140 which will occur if you have a level 100 pokémon with you and it is a yellow boss.

The moveset of a wild boss Pokémon will also change with each battle, however growth, nature, and IVs will not. Bosses will be scaled according to the strongest pokemon in your party.

As of 2.3, Boss Pokémon can be spawned with /pokespawn <pokemon> boss<#>, e.g. /pokespawn lapras boss4 for a yellow boss Lapras. They are also tinted in the colour of their name. They can't be caught. The message if you throw a pokeball at it out of a battle will tell you that you can't catch a boss pokemon, and in battle it won't let you access your pokeballs.


Farming bosses

One possible way to farm boss Pokémon is to dig a 2 blocks tall, 1 block wide tunnel below an ocean biome at around height 40. Eventually, Zubat and Golbat will spawn in that tunnel. Because of their AI and hitbox size, they'll often suffocate themselves in the ceilings of these tunnels, causing them to drop their regular drops of rotten flesh. However, on occasion boss Pokémon loot will be on the ground as well. This means that you could in theory dig a few of these tunnels side by side going in the same direction, and literally just continuously run from end to end in each one checking the drops until you find boss mob drops. Just be aware that all dropped items will despawn within 5 minutes if they're in a loaded chunk, so don't make your tunnels too long. Connect them at both ends so you can switch between tunnels more rapidly. Also, Pokémon will only spawn in the tunnel if you're close enough to let them spawn, so you may want to set up a temporary base in the area (Set up a wooden platform on the surface of the ocean above your tunnels to allow for the Pokémon to continue to spawn while you're at your base).

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