Pokemon battle by izzyandmryhu-d4qp6fe

So I herd you liek Pokémans...

Pokémon battling is the main reason for even using this Poképack, and if you don't know what you're doing, it's going to be a tough Pokémon experience. Always remember that battles can only take place if you have at least one party Pokémon that is not fainted.

Battling Wild Pokémon

The biggest part of the game is encountering wild Pokémon in battles and taking them down for EXP or weakening them for capture via Poké Ball

Engaging in battle is simple enough, just find a desirable opponent and throw your selected Pokémon with R. Use [ and ] button to toggle selected Pokémon from your party.

The key to starting a battle is throwing your Pokémon pretty much on the opponent's head, just right on top of them.

Battling Trainers

The same keys for battling wild Pokémon, just chuck your Pokémon of choice while aiming at the trainer! Remember to check the NPCs' levels above their heads before engaging in battle.

Battling Other Players in Servers

Here are some tips:

  1. Remember to use Pokémon types as an advantage.
  2. Never attack a stronger opponent, they will humiliate and crush you
  3. Always have an idea of what the opponent's Pokémon will be.
  4. New guy = starter Pokémon, Veteran player = High level and/or rare Pokémon
  5. Always be close to a healing center. This will prove valuable.
  6. Constantly train with your Pokémon to level them up.
  7. NEVER talk trash about a Pokémon and/or a player.

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