All 32 Badges currently implemented.

Badges are items that cannot be obtained in singleplayer without creative or an inventory tweaking mod. Servers sometimes use them as marks of achievement.

List of Badges

  • Feather Badge
  • Fen Badge
  • Balance Badge
  • Beacon Badge
  • Boulder Badge
  • Cascade Badge
  • Coal Badge
  • Cobble Badge
  • Dynamo Badge
  • Earth Badge
  • Fog Badge
  • Forest Badge
  • Glacier Badge
  • Heat Badge
  • Hive Badge
  • Icicle Badge
  • Knuckle Badge
  • Marsh Badge
  • Mind Badge
  • Mine Badge
  • Mineral Badge
  • Plain Badge
  • Rainbow Badge
  • Rain Badge
  • Relic Badge
  • Rising Badge
  • Soul Badge
  • Stone Badge
  • Storm Badge
  • Thunder Badge
  • Volcano Badge
  • Zephyr Badge

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