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Articuno is part of the legendary bird trio of Kanto. Articuno is a dual-type Ice/Flying Pokémon and the others are Moltres (Fire/Flying) and Zapdos (Electric/Flying). It spawns anywhere in the Ice Mountains biome. Articuno has a very small chance of finding and catching. It was added in version 2.2.1 of Pixelmon. Articuno does, in fact, spawn in Pixelmon version 2.5.7. But does also spawn through the Legendary Bird Quests. Articuno can be summoned with the Frozen Shrine with an Orb of Frozen Souls.An orb of frozen souls needs 375 kills to fill up


Lv. Move Type Cat. Power Acc.
1 Gust Flying Special 40 100
1 Powder Snow Ice Special 40 100
8 Mist Ice Status - -
15 Ice Shard Ice Physical 40 100
22 Mind Reader Normal Status - -
29 AncientPower Rock Special 60 100
36 Agility Psychic Status - -
43 Ice Beam Ice Special 95 100
50 Reflect Psychic Status - -
57 Roost Flying Status - -
64 Tailwind Flying Status - -
71 Blizzard Ice Special 120 70
78 Sheer Cold Ice Special KO 30
85 Hail Ice Status - -
92 Hurricane Flying Special 120 70

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