Apricorn Tree
Apricorn Tree






1 Oak Wood Log

An Apricorn Tree is an entity/block on which one can grow Apricorns.


Natural Generation

Apricorn trees grow randomly in Forest biomes. They can be found in one of seven colors, each corresponding to one color of Apricorn.


Right clicking on any block of grass with an Apricorn will plant a Stage 1 Apricorn Tree on it.


Apricorn Trees are used to grow Apricorns, which can be made into Poke Ball Discs

Fully grown (Stage 4 and above) Apricorn Trees can also be broken for a single Oak Wood Log. However, given that Forest Biomes have an abundance of Oak wood, this is generally not a recommended source. 


Apricorn Trees have six stages of growth. The growth time of the tree is unknown. 
2015-08-14 03.17.53

Growth stages of an Apricorn Tree.

Apricorn Trees are a unique entity, with many properties that distinguish it from other types of plants.

Apricorn Trees do not require the presence of water to grow, unlike other harvestable plants such as wheat and carrots. They are not destroyed by water flowing over or into them, nor are they able to be pushed by pistons.

2015-08-13 18.13.23

An Apricorn Tree left unsupported.

Although they need to be planted on grass blocks, removing or pushing the grass blocks does not destroy the tree during any growth stage.

As a result, Apricorn Trees can be set on top of any type of block or entity, solid or non-solid, once they have been planted.  


  • Apricorn trees are a very laggy entity. Having large amounts of them in a chunk can cause extreme amounts of clientside lag and even server crashes as long as the chunk is loaded. This makes large on-site Apricorn farms infeasible in Singleplayer and essentially impossible in Multiplayer.

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