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The Anvil is a Pixelmon Item that can be used to create Poké Balls of varying kinds and Aluminum Plates.

The recipe for the anvil requires 8 iron ingots. The recipe is seen as 3-2-3 from the top row down. In order to use the Anvil you must craft a Hammer.

When you have made a Poké Ball Disc, Iron Disc, or Aluminum Ingot, right-click the Anvil while holding the item in your hand to place it on the anvil. Then, by HOLDING the left-click while using a hammer, hit the disc. (Note, they tend to take very long.) Each item that you put onto the Anvil has three stages of completion. They are visually represented by discs getting rounder and Aluminum Ingots getting flatter. Once they have been affected three times you right-click on the anvil and the finished product will pop off.

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