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This pokemon is all about defense, but is strong in offense as well. Its strong skin makes it hard to take down, as well as the horns on its head, which are tough as nails. If you want a companion that is sure to last long in a battle, Aggron is the one for you.

Aggron evolves from Lairon at level 42, which evolves from Aron.

Type: Steel/Rock

Spawns In: Extreme Hills biomes

==More About Aggron Weak Against: Water, Fighting, and Ground types

Strong Against : Normal, Ice, Ghost, Flying, Psychic, Bug, Rock, Dragon, and Fairy types

Normal Against : Fire, Electric, Grass, Ghost, Dark, and Steel types

Level      Attack            Type         Category      Effect         Accuracy

1         Tackle             Normal     Physical 50             100
1 Harden Normal     Status          -     -
4 Mud-Slap Ground     Special 20     100
8 Headbutt Normal     Physical 70     100
11 Metal Claw Steel     Physical 50     95
15 Iron Defence Steel     Status -     -
18 Roar Normal     Status -     100
22 Take Down Normal     Physical 90     85
25 Iron Head Steel     Physical 80     100
29 Protect Normal     Status -     -
32 Metal Sound Steel     Status -     85
36 Iron Tail Steel     Physical 100     75
39 Autotomize Steel     Status -     -
43 Heavy Slam Steel     Physical -     100
46 Double-Edge Normal     Physical 120     100
50 Metal Burst Steel     Physical -     100

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