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Abra ingame
Poké Icon Abra Icon
Type Psychic
Pokédex Entry Using its psychic power is such a strain on its brain that it needs to sleep for 18 hours a day.
Pre-Evolution/s None
Evolution/s Kadabra, Alakazam
Spawns Forest


Catch Rate 200 (26.1%)
Level Range  ?
Mountable No
Drops Ender Pearls (1-4)
Sounds  ?

Abra is a very scared pokemon. Standing too close to it will cause it to teleport away. If you wanna catch or fight it you have to throw your pokemon/pokeball from a safe distance. When captured it only knows the move Teleport. To level it you should throw the Abra to a pokemon and than switch it out for the experience.

Shiny Abra

Shiny Abra.

2013-12-08 08.46.35

An Abra up close

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